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    At Xcell, we are passionate about advancing the boundaries of rowing technology, achieving meaningful steps in the development and production of oars and sculls. Combining innovative design with engineering excellence, there’s an Xcell product for everybody from complete beginners to Olympic gold medallists.

    Xcell is dedicated to rowing, and we believe our products give you the ultimate tool for transferring your power into motion. Our Design and Build teams are constantly analysing designs, structures, the latest materials, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics to ensure that Xcell remains at the forefront of rowing technology.

    Xcell evolved through Sutton’s, the leading manufacturer of rowing products throughout the 60s and 70s. J. Sutton first produced GRP looms in the 80’s before moving on to carbon fibre looms in the early 90’s. Now Xcell, Suttons sister company, is continuing the development and application of compound materials technology into the new century, to improve your rowing experience.

    With an enthusiastic and professional working environment on the Thames in Windsor, we have a deep understanding of rowing and the technical and traditional skills required to manufacture oars for competitions and clubs. Our in-house manufacturing processes guarantee the highest levels of quality and performance. All our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.
    Tom Jones Boatyard, Romney Lock, Riverside Walk, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 6HU, UK    |    Tel: +44 (0)1753 833166    |    Email: info@xcell.uk.com    |   
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